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Legal Practice Areas

Residentital Real-Estate

If you are in the market to buy property or you have property under contract and are having issues with the Seller an attorney can guide you through your options.

Commercial Real-Estate

Buying commercial property means more then just finding a good deal. You need to make sure that the property you selected is legally functional for your business and your intended purpose.


Litigation an unfortunate byproduct of business in SOUTH FLORIDA. One of the biggest obstacles in litigation are the litigators themselves who work in a system where they are rewarded for long drawn out battles.

Partnership Agreements

A partnership provides both a working structure for your company and also sets forth the exceptions of the partners and governs their interactions.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is not just about how to minimize taxes but in most cases involves leaving a road map to guide those you are leaving assets to...


If your divorce involves substantial business assets you need a team of professions to navigate the divorce process.

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The Law Office of Zachary Zurich provides professional and full-service representation to help its clients with all their needs. The Firm is fully committed to providing clients with top level satisfaction in legal matters stemming from everyday transactions to more complex disputes. We seek to protect our client's best interests while striving for their personal satisfaction throughout the entire experience.

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